Hare Krishna

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Some of our sites have become official ISKCON sites!

Devotee Centres is now Centres.iskcon.org – the official global directory of ISKCON temples, farms, restaurants, schools, sangas and other venues.

Devotee Events is now Events.iskcon.org – the official global directory of ISKCON events. Find out what’s going on in the world of ISKCON, and when and where it’s happening.

The following sites remain with us:

DevoteeJobs.com – This site is currently undergoing maintenance. The free global job board for ISKCON devotees to find paid jobs and unpaid service opportunities, be they full-time, part-time, freelance or temporary.

DevoteeBusiness.com – is the free global directory of businesses run by ISKCON devotees.

Registering on DevoteeJobs or DevoteeBusiness automatically adds you on our network of sites. If you then visit another one of these sites, you will be automatically registered and logged into that site too. Having one account for all the sites makes it easier for you to participate in our network.

DevoteeMatch.com – the best place for ISKCON devotees to find a match and enter grihastha ashram. (This site requires separate registration).

Your servants,

Devotee Life